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On-page SEO is the basic formula for complete SEO. They will make your visitor happy about your site.

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Off-Page SEO is the suplemen formula after On-Page SEO. It will increase visibility on search engine.

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Some legend said that “Content is a King” when SEO is the Queen. Do not miss your content strategy.

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What is SEO? | SEOphee Service
  • In simple terms, SEO can be described as a tactic or action to optimize a blog or website. Optimization that is done allows search engines or search engines to judge whether the blog or website is worthy of being displayed at the top of the search results or not.
  • By getting high rankings from search engines, your potential for organic traffic will also increase. Not only can website traffic be high, but this traffic can also be more precise and following the purpose of the website you are building.
  • However, keep in mind that SEO is not a job that can be completed only once. More than that, SEO is a process that has no end. This means that you must continuously optimize your blog or website.
  • To get high and targeted traffic, you must understand how search engines work in ranking blogs or websites, where this assessment is based on specific qualification requirements.
  • You also need to follow the various rules set by search engines or search engines, in this case, Google. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to optimize SEO, the leading indicators of SEO, and the Google algorithm. You can know all that through the following reviews.
How SEO Works | SEOphee Service

SEO aims to optimize the website so that internet users can find what they need by using specific keywords.

  • At least, there are three benefits offered in the optimization process, namely providing relevant information, bringing in more organic traffic, and making search engines a reliable source.
  • The search results may not appear immediately.
  • This is because the search engine optimization process is not as simple and easy as imagined.

Search engines have three main tasks in conducting searches on-demand, including:


Crawling is responsible for gathering information from all websites. One page to another page, and one link to another. This process is the initial stage of the search engine optimization work process.


If you have collected information, then the web crawler will store the information in the entry list: index.


The search engine will display the content according to the search results that best match the rankings in order.

To guarantee the quality of search results, search engines use a set of rules and rules known as an algorithm. This search engine algorithm will ensure that people who use the internet can get relevant information from various trusted sources.