Percentage of sales method: What it is and how to calculate

One who deals with everyday sales knows how tough it is to keep the numbers intact. It might be taxing for people working in sales to keep up with the whole numbers. A little goof up here and there, and it can lead to sheer losses. The Sales Estimator has been the tool used in this sector for betterment. The tool works in keeping the count up and most probably without any mishappening. The Zonbase Sales Estimator is one such sales Estimator tool used by the employees. It clearly shows up the sales allowing the calculation of profits. 


What is a Sales Estimator?


Sales estimators are such efficient tools that work with the sales and customer service departments of any business company. It helps to improve the whole process and provides the managers or team leaders with expert data. The data helps the companies to improve their business assessments. The tool works immediately and helps discover how many products got sold in a month. The total countability of the units and products which sell every month with proper estimates comes out in the result. 


The prospects of new ideas about creating a product or service come to life when the first batch is sold. This estimates how the business will run, or the craze for the products is. Hence with the emergence of tools like Zonbase Sales Estimator, the whole concept of sales and customer service gets transparent. The focus on the sales of every product just makes it more competitive and helps fulfil the gaps and get over the lacunas to set up new inventories.


Features of Sales Estimator:


  • It validates the whole concept of the potentiality of product sales.
  • It shows the potential products which are high in demand. 
  • It shows the whole data of average monthly sales. 
  • It shows the estimated products to be sold in a day. 
  • It helps determine if the investment is rightful or not and if the product is worth investing in. 
  • It easily tracks the sales of the competitors.
  • It helps in gathering all the product’s information.
  • It helps determine how many units are to be produced to be sold in a month, week, or day.     
  • It helps in launching the product with the right numbers.
  • It shows how much inventory one should order for the very first product. 
  • It takes the rough guesswork out of inventory forecasting while getting an accurate estimate.


How is the working of the  Zonbase Sales Estimator?


As the sales estimator calculator gets such popularity, it helps the various companies to launch one of their own. So, Zonbase Sales Estimator is actually a sales estimator that counts the progress to sales. The working of the tool is quite simple and not complicated at all. 

Here goes the working in detail:


  • One should get the ASIN or URL of the product one wants to count on.
  • Then the user should paste the URL/ASIN in the Search box and click on the Next.
  • The tool then will calculate the estimated number of sales it makes in a month.
  • Zonbase Sales Estimator gives a free trial to its users to see for itself if it is working correctly.



Sales Estimator gives an accurate estimate of sales. Various companies of the same also give free trials to their users. The tools provide an estimate of a product’s average monthly sales which serves as a boon in the inventory.