How to Be A Successful Hosting Reseller: Insider Secrets & Tips

There are some essential secrets to becoming a successful Web Hosting Reseller when you buy Web Hosting from a Reseller Hosting provider. 

It’s not just about selling the service but also continuously providing customer services, helping them resolve queries, and offering upgrades and other benefits. In addition, you must follow specific tips to make your name in the reseller industry. 

And the foremost step towards achieving this is choosing the best Reseller Hosting from a reliable hosting company. 

This article will guide you to become more relevant in the reselling industry and grow your web hosting reselling business in a streamlined way.

What is a Website Reseller?

A Web Hosting Reseller is a web hosting provider with permission to sell hosting services. As a Hosting Reseller, you can purchase  Reseller Hosting plans from an established hosting company and sell those services to your customers. 

The best part of reselling is that the resellers don’t have to manage their hardware. Instead, you will get a reseller account, list the products on the website, and create your branding if desired.

Top Secrets to Become a Successful Web Hosting Reseller

  1. Offer different hosting plans: Customers require different hosting plans, so list your plans and try to fulfill customer satisfaction accurately to make an impact.
  2. Give technical support: Ensure you have a dedicated technical support team for your customers to resolve any immediate issues they face and need help with.
  3. Keep your servers updated: Always update the servers with the latest security patches.
  4. Check your servers’ performance: Often check their performance to ensure they are working accurately. If there are any problems, try to fix them as soon as possible.
  5. Provide exemplary customer service: If you want more customers to be happy with your Reseller Hosting services, you must provide good customer service. Respond to questions quickly and politely, and clearly explain how to use your services.
  6. Ensure your uptime is reliable: Ensure your server’s uptime is perfect, like 99.54%. Uptime is essential to hosting; your servers must always be up and running.
  7. Offer competitive prices: Offer competitive pricing so customers don’t feel like spending unnecessarily. Research other hosting companies and ensure your prices are competitive to attract customers.
  8. Have a backup plan: Offer reliable backup services so that you are prepared to restore your customers’ data when things go down quickly.
  9. Offer value-added services: You can offer other valuable add-on services like website design and development and search engine optimization (SEO) to stand out in the market.
  10. Customer feedback: Always value your customer feedback and ensure you are constantly updating your services and promptly improving any issues the customers face.


Following the mentioned steps, you will be more efficient in reselling and making a name in the industry. From essential customer acquisition to providing services to gain customer loyalty, you should do everything it takes to become a relevant reseller. 

With time, you will build your reputation and attract more clients. So, apply the steps and wait for the results to become a successful Web Hosting Reseller.