Learning anything by yourself involves having an interest in a specific subject or the topic (field of study. This involves a lot of self-control, commitment, and discipline to pursue a course through self-learning. It is possible to study something online and be a specialist in it. However, patience and hard work come hand in hand with putting effort to learn a particular skill. Many people lose interest in online courses because of not setting factors that always push them to attain the skills.

SEO is a short-form for search engine optimization, and  involves aiding a website or some content to be ranked top on Google. Google is a search engine, and when someone searches for a specific thing that involves your content, your page appears among the top pages. So SEO is all about improving the rankings of content on search engines so that they are prioritized. The easiest way to study SEO by yourself is through online websites and YouTube videos. There are a lot of websites created to provide the learners with necessary learning materials for free. These websites are WEB-Savvy marketing, Google, SEO 101, MOZ.com, search engine watch, and marketing sites on various items such as gadget store brands that offer information on electronics. Besides offering learning materials, some websites provide videos to make it easier for students to understand the concepts.

However, attaining certificates can be costly; you have to pay for the exams to have a highly valid certificate, which does not guarantee you a pass. So it is advisable to have familiarized yourself with the course before paying for the exams. If you need an easy way to study online by yourself, try checking tablets to study to see whether the guidelines make it easier to study.


Here are some of the steps to learn SEO by yourself.

  • Understanding the mission of SEO– Before starting to study SEO, one should know the purpose of attaining this skill. Talking or listening to the specialist is an excellent start to learning the mission of a skill. The purpose of SEO is to prioritize websites and content on a search to increase revenue. As an SEO expert increases traffic on a specific website, a tool such as “spiders” crawls the internet, identifies these sites, and ranks them on top. One can also set their URL to be inspected by URL inspection tools on Google to help with ranking.
  • Mastering words or phrases that are mostly searched according to your content.-Keywords and simple phrases that are mostly searched are the foundations of making a website appear a priority when the keyword is searched. There are two types of keywords: long-tail keywords (phrases) and short-tail keywords that hold one or two words. Using short-tail keywords is favorable because people search using short words than phrases on different topics. To learn more about search engines, visit the search engines websites.
  • Knowing on-page and off-page SEO-Understanding these two factors will aid you to practice being precise and effective. On-page focuses on enhancing parts of the website that are within your control. It determines the rankings of your website on search engines. These include page speed, updated content, good graphics, keywords, headings, and URK structure. Off-page deals with others’ judgments on someone’s content and thus increase the rankings if the opinions are positive.
  • Study and understand UX signalsUX signals are patterns traced by search engines to determine the user’s experience on specific sites. So the metrics found on your site must remain high to promise your pages higher ranks. These signals are necessary because they tell about the quality of the information available on your site.
  • Study of black hat and white hat technique– The black hat technique is prohibited in breaking search engines’ rules. This technique provides content in non-visual and visual ways to Google and people. This practice produces faster results, but a prohibited technique will always attract penalties whenever noticed. Black hat techniques include invisible flames, invisible texts, and keyword stuffing, among many others. White hat is the proper technique to use because it follows search engines’ guidelines and rules. It involves providing information for people and allows on-page and off-page techniques to be done on the sites. It takes time to make your pages gain popularity.
  • Embrace the course and its content– Every skill involves the student indulging in it mentally, emotionally, and physically so that it is easy to embrace it and be part of the student. This helps in having the right attitude towards the skill and gaining a passion for it.

SEO is an exciting course, and it only needs effort and the will to learn the skill and start earning a lot of money through prioritizing people’s websites