11 Things To Look For In A Reseller Hosting Package

If you look for reseller hosting, your choice is going to impact the success of your business. This is because what you receive from the provider you choose is what you will offer to your customers. That is why your research needs to be flawless. There is no shortage of opportunities on the market so do take your time to find what you need. And the following things have to be present or you will receive sub-par service. 

Round The Clock Technical Support

When you resell hosting, the customer expects you to offer support. The problem is that several backend processes will be managed by the provider, not by you. If a serious issue appears, you have to contact the hosting provider. As a result, it is really important to opt for those providers that give you access to round the clock customer support. When your customers are faced with technical issues, you have to be able to solve them fast. 

In an ideal setting, you have to be able to contact the provider via several channels. This includes customer support desk, phone numbers, and email. Keep in mind that your customer sees you as the one responsible for the website, not the provider you are reselling from. 

Fully Compatible TOS (Terms Of Service)

The terms of service you have your customers respect have to be aligned with those of the hosting provider. That policy might become a conflict in the way you want to resell, distribute or market the hosting services. As a result, you need to take a close look at the restrictions or rules making the product something undesirable for the target audience you have. 

When you do not know if the TOS aligns, get in touch with the hosting provider you consider. That company will need to work with you in order to make sure you can actually use their services. 

White Label Branding

Many site owners do not want to work with resellers. This is because of a misconception that a much better experience can be obtained when going straight to the hosting source. There are also customers who think they will end up paying more when they agree to deals coming from resellers. In truth, both of these are just misconceptions. 

With the use of white labelling, you can create a completely unique identity, one that you can market and that has absolutely no connection to the hosting provider. You should only consider resellers with this option available. 

Creating Your Packages

The last thing you absolutely should see with your hosting provider is the ability to easily manage and create packages of your choices. This is a process that has to be as simple as possible. Your target audience might have different needs than what you expect so it is vital to be able to adjust packages on the go. 

When you can offer different hosting packages, the appeal of your business automatically goes up. This is usually done through WHM, which allows full management of the entire reseller business with features like monitoring bandwidth and creating new client accounts.