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How to Make Good Quality Articles

Content & Technique

Creating good, quality articles requires two things:

  1. Good content
  2. Good technique
  • Anyone can write something, post it, and call it an ‘article’.
  • Good content is relatively easy to create. Most people don’t realize it, but everyone always has something interesting to say in writing.
  • In contrast to good technique, useful writing techniques tend to be difficult to practice or even understand.
  • Articles with interesting topics but written with poor technique will give a flat impression.

Then, how do you make good and quality articles?

Forget Technical SEO

SEO-friendly” articles may be as informative as a database. They may be of interest to the Google bot, but would real readers be as interested in the articles as they are? Most likely, no.

Nowadays, content is no longer written spontaneously. Some articles are still written with didactic or artistic aspirations. However, the writing technique always follows SEO rules.

In this case, the author may want their content to be read by real readers. For that, they feel the need to play Google games. Because, what’s the point of making articles if no one reads them? Come on, you can use SEO article writer services and get quality content, and of course, it’s easier to get traffic organically.

However, problems arise when they start writing with SEO and ignore readers’ convenience. For those of you who want to learn to make useful and quality, articles to increase engagement, forget SEO’s technical rules.

Write articles in the audience’s language the language they use when looking for solutions to problems or seeking answers to questions.

Learn the Character of Prospective Readers

You may not realize it, but knowing a potential reader’s character can be very important in the article creation process.

If you don’t address specific audiences appropriately, you may lose their respect, attention, and interest before they finish their first paragraph.

If you have difficulty considering the character of writing and the essential elements of good writing, you can listen to some of the following examples.

Academic Hearings (or Other Experts)

  • If you are writing articles intended for an academic audience, you must respect your readers’ authority.
  • You may want to keep it exciting and be able to put in a bit of your writing character, but remember that you are writing to someone more skilled in their field than you.


  • Write articles according to their level of understanding. If your audience is elementary school children, use simple and easy to understand words, you can even add funny illustrations to your articles.
  • If the articles you write are creative content, make friendly, caring, and gentle articles for children.


  • You can add unique elements to make your article look more attractive to an adult audience.
  • However, still, make sure to maintain a level of respect as the goal is to educate.
  • If the article you are writing is creative content such as a short story, fiction, or even non-fiction, pay attention to the impression of the article you are making and the tone of the strings that tell the writing content.

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