On-Page Service

On Page Service. Is a service from SEOphee.com. OnPage Service stands for how to maximize your page speed. On-page SEO is one methode to do SERP and SEO.

To increase good on-page score, SEOphee will use only legal method, like minimize image, etc.

There is no hidden or ilegal methode whe doing this like cloaking or put some hidden link or script

Please contact us to do a check. Before we try to increase your on-page website, our team will ask a few things about:

  1. Domain name
  2. Domain Platform (wordpress, joomla, etc)

12 Tips to On-page SEO

Pay attention to URL length
From the results of the interview with Matt Cutts, it is known that a right URL length is between 3-5 words.
URL contains keywords
The URL should contain the primary keyword/topic. Do not make URL arbitrarily. A right money URL will make it easier for visitors to know the structure of your website.
Easy to Read URL
  • As much as possible, use easy-to-read URLs. Don’t use URLs like https://seophee.com/p=123.
  • URLs that are easy to read will also be easy to remember, making it easier for visitors to return to visit.
Relevant URL
  • Use relevant URL, appropriate content.
  • An irrelevant URL will only lead to disappointment. If visitors are disappointed, it won’t be good for your website.
Title Contains Keyword / Main Topic

Include the main keyword at the beginning of the title. For example, the keyword “learn SEO,” then the title will be “Learn SEO For Complete Beginners.”

Title Using H1 Tag
Make sure the title uses H1 tags in the HTML code. This is an example of an H1 tag used on the page of this article.
Title Using Additional Words
  • Use additional words to become long-tail keywords. For example, the keyword is “learning business,” you can use the title “Learn the Latest Complete Business.” Suppose you don’t know about the long tail keyword.
  • See how the web ranks first after ads create a title. They add the best price and the best offer.
Add Number to Title

People tend to prefer titles with numbers. For example, “9 Quick Ways to Lose Weight”.

Title Has Optimal Extension
Make sure your title ranges between 20-60 characters and between 2-20 words. The title is too short to be unattractive. Titles that are too long cannot appear entirely on the search engine.
Don't Use Clickbait Techniques
If the title doesn’t match the content, the visitor will immediately close your page, and that’s not good in the Google eyes.
DO NOT make titles that have multiple meanings
That will make visitors confused and switch to clicking on another website.
Make a title that invites a click
  • Titles that invite clicks can be titles that invite curiosity. Or it could be a title that promises something. For example, “Complete Dropship Business Guide.”
  • The example above is an example of a title that promises complete content and is organized in the form of a guide.

SEOphee On-Page Service

This is only 12 Tips from our On-Page Service, make sure to contact us and get more tips about your website on-page.