Where Do I Rank On Google? Here it is! Yes, SEOphee has a service to increase ranking on search engines, including Google.

But that’s not what he meant. Increasing rank on search engines is not difficult. Even beginners can do this.

Some of the things that need to be done before this are:

Where Do I Rank On Google
Where Do I Rank On Google
  1. Make sure your content is useful.
  2. Keep your website fast.
  3. And it is necessary to share on social media.

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But if you want to try it yourself, please refer to the following tips from SEOphee.

Useful Content

Know Your Readers / Target Audience

Understanding who will read and enjoy the content you are presenting is of the essence and the first thing you need to hold in your hand before you even touch the keyboard to write an article or script your content.

Useful Content
Useful Content

Understand a Good Content Delivery Structure

How to find good writers and other content marketing struggles

When delivering content, whether in articles, infographics, or comics and even video web series, you must always pay attention to the structure of the content that you use to present the content. Articles or any content that lacks structure will feel haphazard, directionless, and don’t captivate or leave an impression on the audience.

Good content formats for audience

15 Content Formats Proven to Boost Audience Engagement (+ Examples)

Content that is s good means content that visually catches your eye. This applies not only to visual content such as comics, memes, infographics, or videos but also to written content such as articles. How to create a good content? good content doesn’t look monotonous and always provides something attractive to the audience’s eye.

Write As You / Your Audience Speaks

Before your next presentation or speech, here's the first thing you must  think about |

One of the tips I always use when writing articles or writing books is that I always speak while writing, then writes what comes out of my mouth, in the same language style. This method has succeeded in making the language I write to feel more natural, more readable, and more alive. This method can give your audience the impression that they are communicating and chatting with someone, not just reading stiff writing.

Give Ideas For Reaction

Text Sign Showing Feedback. Conceptual Photo Customer Review.. Stock Photo,  Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 104147591.

Internet reactions and interactions are what you are looking for for your content. Positive or negative reactions will make your content feel character, dynamic, and express opinions that match real conditions. Or, in a word, “live” through discussion. For this, your content needs to be able to provoke reactions and interactions from your audience. So your content has to get people to think and act!

Website Speed

How to Improve Your Website Speed | Web Solutions Blog

Pay attention before starting website speed optimization

Test Your Current Website Speed

First of all, you need to test your website speed first.

So that you can compare the results (BEFORE and AFTER).

Website Speed
Website Speed

My recommendation:

Don’t Be Too Obsessed To Get The Perfect Score.

Whatever is the reason for the slow loading of your website, I’m sure everything can be resolved with the tips I provide in this guide.

But remember:

Don’t get too obsessed with getting the perfect score. The 100/100 score is not realistic. So don’t keep trying to get it.


First, you can go crazy, trying, and trying.

Second, your extra effort in trying won’t be worth the results you get later. It’s better to do something else than to keep trying to get the perfect fit.

Third, if you expect that your website ranking on Google will increase dramatically after your website’s speed is perfect, then throw your expectations away, because Google doesn’t make the speed factor a significant factor, at least for now.

Share to Social Media

What is digital content shared frequently?

Share to Social Media
Share to Social Media

Apart from why audiences want to share content on social media, it is also essential to know what types of digital content they share frequently. Another study revealed that the types of digital content that audiences often share on social media can, in principle, be divided into four (4) broad categories (see picture above), namely:

  1. Entertaining content
  2. Inspirational content
  3. Educational content
  4. Content that tries to be convincing about something.

SEO and Website Ranking

Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help You Increase Your Website Rankings  - fuze

What do you first think of when you hear the term SEO? Maybe keywords are the first word that most people think of when talking about SEO.

Most business owners focus on keywords only for their SEO strategy. If you are also doing the same thing and not getting satisfactory results, maybe you need to look for other significant factors that affect your ranking in the search results.

Keywords do not only influence search result algorithms. Many factors influence the ranking of your website in search results. Some of them are how much time visitors spend on the website, broken links, the number of views, bounce rate, quality of inbound and outbound links, and many more.

This article will discuss the various aspects of website usability that affect website ranking and the relationship between SEO and website usability.

Maybe you are wondering what website usability is?

Website Usability is

Website usability is the incorporation of various website elements related to conversion. Some of the aspects of the website are:

Effectiveness: Will visitors immediately get the information they want when they visit your website? For example, can they contact customer care or buy the product they want in less than 7 seconds?

Efficiency: Efficiency is in addition to effectiveness. How long does it take consumers to complete their activity (buying a product, for example) on your website? If your website does not allow consumers to purchase products in a short time, consumers will likely leave your website.

Memorability: Will visitors be able to find your website again for the same keywords? Return traffic is essential in assessing Google’s algorithm and affects the SEO of your website.

One way to make visitors remember your website is to use a new domain extension such as .tech, .store, .space, .fun, and others. They help you to create a short and unique domain name that your visitors will remember.

For example, instead of creating a website, you could develop bags. Store. You can add handmade after the domain name becomes bags. Store/handmade. Domain names like this are easier to remember and increase the likelihood of returning traffic.

You can read research on new domain extensions on how the relationship between new domain extensions and SEO and their impact on the SEO of your website.

Error Prevention: Errors on your website will affect your visitor experience and SEO ranking. For example, a 404 page not found error, outdated link, or a link pointing to an inappropriate page.

Businesses are always looking for a quick way to improve their website’s ranking in search results. Building SEO for your business is a long-term investment. And in the long-term business, there are no shortcuts.

SEO is a long process, and if anyone promises you will get instant SEO results, it is questionable.

So the question is….

How long does it take to get ranked on the first page of Google search results? The answer is uncertain. It could take a long time, or it could be a short time.

You may think this is a vague answer, but it is true. Many factors influence website ranking, and each case is handled differently.

Here are five ways to increase your website’s ranking on Google

5 Ways to Increase Website Ranking on Google

1. Website Optimization for Mobile Version

Mobile Optimization: Principles From Smart Marketers - Lander Blog

These tips are in the first place because they are crucial. With Google implementing the Mobile-First index, the first thing you should do is take a Mobile-Friendly Test.

You need to pay great attention to mobile-friendly websites to avoid decreasing your website’s ranking in search results on smartphones.

Your job is to make it easier for visitors to visit your website on smartphones without interrupting their activities.

2. Perform an SEO Audit

How to Conduct an SEO Audit in Less than Five Minutes - Creately Blog

Lack of information about the information structure and website can confuse even the best SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm doesn’t like websites that have complicated navigation. Make navigation as easy as possible for your visitors.

To start with, you can learn these SEO Basics. After understanding SEO basics, you will have a better insight and understand better what needs fixing.

3. Improve Loading Time

How to Improve Page Load Time to Impact Sales | by Mridul Kesharwani |  Medium

The third step (and all the steps in this article) is an ongoing process. Always monitor the speed of your website, both for desktop and mobile. Several things can be to increase the loading speed of your website is as follows:

Image File Size: Before uploading an image, you can use a tool like TinyPNG to shrink the image size without compromising the quality.

Script: Before uploading JS and CSS files to your website, double-check whether you need them? These files can slow down website loading. If possible, merge multiple scripts into one file.

Browser Cache: When a browser displays a web page, the browser also loads several files. The cache files are stored locally on the visitor’s computer. That way, when the visitor moves to a new page, the cache files don’t need to be loaded again. Most websites enable browser caching by adding an access file code to the host or server.

4. Fix Broken Links

How to Fix Broken Links on Website

Both external and internal links affect the ranking of the website in search results. Usually, website owners ignore these broken links. Even though it can affect the experience of visitors when visiting the website. You can use the W3C Link Checker to detect broken links that need repair.

5. Create Appropriate Anchor Text

What Is Anchor Text? Everything You Need to Know (No Jargon!)

Even though it’s trivial, anchor text has a significant effect on SEO. Having an appropriate anchor text is crucial in link building. When your anchor text matches your targeted link, search engines get positive signals about your website.


Google is always updating its algorithm and how to rank a website. The five strategies above have been proven effective, and you need to apply them continuously to get the best results.