SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is one of the pillars of a successful digital marketing strategy focuses.

When surfing the internet and finding information about a business, product, or service, the chances are that the first page you open is

Pillars Of A Digital Marketing Strategy
Pillars Of A Digital Marketing Strategy

After entering the keywords you want to search, various internet pages that match the search will appear. Your business website or social media can be one of them.

However, not all pages can reach the first page and top position in google search. This is where SEO plays a vital role in bringing your page to potential customers.

The higher your page position in search engines, the more it is for potential customers to find you.

In every SEO agency, there are generally two types of work that are done regarding SEO. First is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The two are quite different but serve the same purpose.

On Page SEO | Digital Marketing Strategy Example

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Regulate what appears on the page (on-page) of your site or content, and perform optimization on these elements. On-Page SEO tasks will deal with image selection, content marketing, keyword selection, page loading speed, tags, and so on.

This is very influential because search engines perform searches using text and visual elements on your page.

If your content is not close to what potential customers are looking for, search engines will not place your page in the top position.

This On-Page SEO implementation is very significant. Even if you change just one or two words of the article text, your position in search can change.

Off Page SEO | Digital Marketing Strategy Framework

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is a strategy used to increase your page ranking through the off-page activity itself? Although, in general, SEO starts from an on-page strategy, it is a more effective strategy concerning external matters.

This can be thought of as convincing Google that our page is useful and deserves to be placed in the top position in search. How do we persuade Google? Very diverse.

For example, if many sites on the internet list our pages on their sites, then Google will assume that our pages will provide value to the user. The factors that play a role in search engine decisions are also varied and changing. Reporting from, here are the SEO factors that are important to improve.

Seo Performance

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The approach that must be used must be strategic and targeted. SEO methods that are continually changing also require talent to keep the pages up-to-date. This is why SEO can be said to be a full-time job.

One person will not be enough to thoroughly research, plan, execute, and evaluate your SEO performance.

That is why the businesses you meet on the internet using SEO Agency services. SEO Agency Indonesia is very numerous, but you have to be very careful in choosing. If the agency lacks SEO experience, your website’s online presence will be jeopardized.

Thus, choose an SEO agency with high flying hours and positive reviews for the sake of your business SEO.

Examples of digital marketing strategies to attract customers

There are so many digital marketing strategies, and it can be overwhelming when you are trying to decide which ones to prioritize. Marketers looking for a major digital marketing strategy should have a clear understanding of their business, products, and demographics before choosing a digital marketing strategy that will be effective for their needs.

A digital marketing strategy should involve a review to check if all of your capabilities are in place to help the company manage all digital touchpoints. After all, an effective digital strategy will help you make the right decisions to make your company successful online.

Here are some examples of digital marketing strategies that business people commonly use that you can reference:


One of the best examples of marketing strategies that work for almost any business is blogging. Blogging involves writing and publishing online content on topics relevant to your business. Blogging helps businesses generate more leads.

Because it increases visibility online while also providing quality information that helps customers make smarter purchasing decisions. Blogging is a very important marketing tactic for search engine optimization (SEO). The more relevant and quality content you have on your website, the more pages search engines like Google can index.

Social media marketing

Using social media to jump-start your content marketing strategy

Social media marketing is one of the best examples of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Many consumers use social media channels to communicate with friends every day, update on developments in the world, or even get job offers. If your business doesn’t exist on social media, you miss out on strong opportunities to reach potential customers.

For your business account to be more optimal, you can use social media management tools that are currently widely circulating. For example, such as Hootsuite, for managing daily content schedules, the Instasize application is very useful for editing content to make it more aesthetic when appearing on Instagram.

Email marketing

Tips Membuat Email Marketing yang Menarik Untuk Konsumen - PT dwynmedia  Internasional

Email marketing is an effective way to reach and engage your customers wherever they are. Not only do most consumers have email addresses, but many enjoy hearing from businesses via email content. But don’t fall into the trap of buying to grow your email list.

Yes, that may sound like a good shortcut to gathering leads, but it rarely and barely works. There’s a good chance that these people won’t care about opening your email message because they didn’t sign up for it.

Or worse, you could be in deep trouble if the people on your email list that you purchased live in Europe because you violated the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.

So, once you have a list of email contacts and have permission to contact them, you can send out various types of content, from promotional offers to informative newsletters.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to send email marketing is by using the MailToGo service. This latest service from will help you distribute various promo product offers, campaigns to sending newsletters in just one click.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

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Pay-per-click or PPC is another great example of a marketing tactic that can help your business increase online visibility. PPC ads are ads that appear at the top of search engine results pages. When you create this ad through Google Ads, you are bidding on certain keywords relevant to your content. When consumers search for this keyword on Google, they’ll see your ad at the top of the page.

What is Digital Marketing

The Winning Formula For Successful Digital Marketing in 2018

Digital marketing is the process of promoting your business online. There are dozens of different strategies that can be part of this process. All of these strategies are designed to increase brand awareness and consistently grow your business over time.

Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that use electronic devices or the internet. Businesses take advantage of digital channels such as search engines, email, social media, and other websites to connect with current and potential customers.

Digital marketing is a general term used to cover various tactics that you can use to attract your customers and get them to buy your product or service. You can market to potential customers online through social media, your website, advertising, or even a combination of the three. But you don’t have to do it all yourself.

You can hire a digital marketing company that offers digital marketing services such as SEO, social media management, and web design. As with most things in the business world, if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place, it can be difficult to determine whether you are spending time (and money) on the right marketing activity type.

Reviewing examples of marketing strategies and tactics can also help you better determine what marketing type is right for your business.

When you know which types of marketing are the most profitable, you can spend time and resources on the activities that will provide the best return on investment for the business. But first, you have to know what digital marketing strategy is and what develops into the best strategy for the business to grow.